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You can also include the breakthrough autonomous Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that can feel into your applications and robotic systems. We call this technology Robometrics® and it is available to you as a Cloud service or as an on-premise deployment to power your consumer applications. It is also avaiable for deployment in your robotics systems - robots, drones and the like. We want to make your enterprise to succeed and Skive it® has the in-house people expertise and knowledgebase to help you architect your applications. After all, we are the inventors of Robometrics®. We are the first ones in the world. Robometrics® will be the heart of every robot of the future and you can be part of the elite few in the world who can play an important role in our vision and get humanity back into AI.

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The Skive it® team is heavily focused on optimizing the proprietary Deep Learning algorithms powering Robometrics®. It can now power your application and systems. You can use our Cloud offering, Robometrics®-as-a-service, either on a per request basis (Unit) or on a monhly/yearly basis. For hyper-scale comsumer facing applications with unique user behaviors, we recommend going in for Robometrics® On-premise deployment. You can use Skive it® Consultancy Services to help architect your deployment.

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Robometrics® Software Platform Pricing

We currently do not provide an evaluation version for free. For evaluations, we recommend using Robometrics® on a per unit (query request) basis for a nominal fee as indicated below.

Robometrics®-as-a-service User Manual
1 Unit Minimum 5000 units 99c/request Buy
Monthly 10,000/day limit $35,000./month Buy
Yearly 10,000/day limit $350,000./year Buy
Support N/A 20% of license Buy
Robometrics® On-premise User Manual
Yearly N/A $350,000./year Buy
Perpetual N/A Contact us Buy
Support N/A 20% of license Buy

Robometrics® Embedded Systems Pricing

Robometrics® software for in-robot deployments. The internal deployment Robometrics® can easily support a variety of robotic devices (e.g., drones, mobile robot units, cameras, etc). Framework can be adapted to specialized hardware and to low-power devices with minimal effort.

Robometrics® in-robot User Manual
1 Unit royalty/per device sold Buy
Support 20% of license Buy


Consultancy services for hyper-scale cloud deployment of the Robometrics™ Software Platform and Robometrics™ Embedded Systems are available, as well as web-deployment and architecture design. We also provide consultancy service for your hyper-scale cloud deployment needs with expertise in AI, Robotics and Hadoop/Distributed Databases. Contact us for details.

Consultancy Service Pricing

We are flexible and can tailor services to your particular needs.

Skive it® Consultants
Hourly $400.-$600. per hour Buy
Weekly Contact us Buy
Project Contact us Buy

Getting humanity back into AI


Skive it® Chip Pricing

Ultra Secure - Can not be reverse engineered through eavesdropping communication. Robometrics® system on single silicon wafer. Evolving chip.

Robometrics® on-chip
1 Unit per chip Buy

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