Skive it® Video App (Beta)

Skive it® Video App is the closest thing to a teleportation device on the market today. It is your travel guide, both inside the city and outside. Skive it® helps you search for, discover places and experiences based on their style and mood. We offer a platform to share near real-time videos of interactive experiences – videos are tagged with the style (hip, cozy, retro, practical, etc.), mood (lively, romantic, and relaxing), time and location. This allows you, for example, to "walk through" a hotel, experiencing its vibe first-hand before you book. You can search for experiences with just the right style and mood to find that super romantic café for your date. Or find that hip date! Look for it in the app store soon!

Come Skive it® with us!


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Prospective employees

We are looking for bright, motivated candidates to join the Skive it, Inc. team! Current open positions include: Mobile UI Designer, Software Engineering Intern, AR/VR Engineering Intern, and Marketing Intern. If you are interested, please check out our postings on AngelList for more information or contact us at


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