Our Partner Program

We amplify the voice of local businesses that lack customer outreach and visibility. Be it a crowded club, a romantic restaurant, or a quiet café, Skive it will capture the vibe of your venue and broadcast it on our platforms.

Skive it Sponsorship Program allows businesses to spend marketing dollars on their loyal customer base through rewards while reinforcing differentiated services.

Amplifying the voice of local businesses

Become a Partner

The Sponsorship Program is a way for businesses to promote their venues and locations and support Skive It's goal to connect people to places. As a small team, Skive It is currently bootstrapped financially and is accepting donations in exchange for recognition on our web and mobile platforms. We appreciate all your support. Become a friend of Skive It today!

See chart for donation details

Cash Donation In-Kind Donation Level
$100 $150 Basic
$250 $375 Bronze
$500 $750 Silver
$1000 $1500 Gold
$5000 $7500 Platinum

To join, contact us at partner@skive.it