North AmericaSan Francisco

Top 3 awesome coffee shops to set up camp in the Castro

For those days when you just can’t bring yourself to go into the office today, or simply want a change of pace.

Top 3 cheap and delicious Mexican places in the Mission

Rain or shine, in a hurry or looking for a place to sit for a bit, Mexican food is perfect for any of your moods.

Top 3 cold pressed juices around Noe Valley

We all have those moments when we desperately need a pick-me-up, when caffeine is not the answer

North AmericaLos Angeles

Los Angeles article Top 3 Malibu beaches

Known for its beautiful beaches and its extravagent views, Malibu is one of the most scenic places in Southern California. Do you ever wonder why everyone wants to move to California?

Los Angeles article Spotlight: What goes into a viral YouTube video of K-pop dancers at UCLA

Koreos is a dance team at UCLA that has over 250,000 subscribers and 30 million total views on its YouTube channel. Let's take a look at what it is like to be on Koreos and be a YouTube star!

Los Angeles article Top 3 cozy cafes to study at in LA

Are you tired of studying at your library or working at home? Try one of these cafes as they not only offer unique and delicious drinks but they also provide a nice ambience.

North AmericaNew York City

New York City article NYC fashion, downtown districts

In this article, I, a student at New York University, will take you through my interpretation on the different styles of the districts surrounding the school

New York City article Sunday as a NYU student

Take a look at what it's like to be an NYU student in this edition of Skive It Sundays.

North AmericaPalo Alto

Palo Alto article Sunday as a Stanford student

Experience life as a Stanford student and find out about the hidden gems of the campus!

Palo Alto article Top 3 trendy foods to try in Palo Alto

Visiting Palo Alto? A huge foodie? Here are the most insta-worthy foods in Palo Alto.

North AmericaPortland

Portland article Top 3 refreshing places to escape the heat in Portland, Oregon

The Pacific Northwest might be known for rain, as opposed to sun, but we have our hot days too. And when those hot days come, you're going to want to know just where to go to escape them.

Portland article Top 3 relaxing coffee shops in Portland, Oregon

Portland may be famous for being weird and quirky, but these coffee shops show that this city has a quiet and cozy side as well.

Portland article Top 3 entertaining places to eat in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon has always been known for its quirky people, but not everyone knows about its quirky eateries.

North AmericaEast Coast

Top 3 hottest eateries in Northern Virginia for July 2016

Craving for an authentic Japanese ramen, casual Mediterranean food, or a delicious ice cream? NoVa got you covered.

Top 3 calming study spots at Duke University

Exams coming up? Stressed out? Here are some study spots that will help you de-stress and get that last-minute studying done.

Top 3 quiet coffee shops in Charlottesville

For the unlucky few in summer school, here are the best spots to catch up on reading, homework and studying for exams.

North AmericaWashington DC

Top 3 dessert cafes in Georgetown Washington DC

Georgetown Cupcakes may be the most famous dessert in the area. However, that doesn’t mean it is the only dessert café in Georgetown. Craving something sweet? Check out these local-favorite dessert cafes if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Top 3 late night restaurants in U Street, Washington DC

The U Street corridor is home to many bars, lounges, and clubs. If you get hungry after hours of dancing, check out these restaurants that will satisfy your late-night cravings!

Top 3 casual restaurants for spotting political leaders in Washington DC

These are some of the more affordable restaurants and eateries where if you are lucky enough, you may end up eating next to the Commander-in-chief.

North AmericaBerkeley

Top 3 Chinese Restaurants in Berkeley

Who doesn't like Chinese Food!

Top 3 boba shops in Berkeley

Every season is boba season.

Top 3 belly-busting burger joints in Downtown Berkeley

Stomach growling? Make a visit to one of these joints downtown for your burger fix in Downtown Berkeley

North AmericaWest coast

Yosemite article Top 3 budget romantic activities in Yosemite NP

Was it really impossible to have a budget and romantic getaway at Yosemite National Park? I set to find out, and here are the gems I found.

Yosemite article A Sunday in Yosemite NP Skive it Sunday

We all need a break from San Francisco's hustle and bustle sometimes, and what better place to do it than one of the most beautiful national parks in the world?

North AmericaToronto

Toronto article Top 3 affordable lunch spots in Toronto

Your stomach is rumbling and you're watching the seconds SLOWLY tick by on your workstation computer, waiting for that beautiful moment of freedom- LUNCHTIME.

AsiaHong Kong

Spotlight: Chungking Mansions

There’s a building complex in the very heart of Kowloon that is a maze of blocks, elevators and multiple stairwells filled with electrical cables, pipes and where the walls are covered in graffiti.

Toronto article A Sunday in Sai Kung, Hong Kong Skive it Sunday

Today, we’re taking a step out of the inner city and into Sai Kung

Toronto article A Sunday in Central, Hong Kong Skive it Sunday

Mid levels is one of the most expensive residential area in Hong Kong but you can also find Soho and many other stylish boutiques, galleries and shops.


Top 3 fun restaurants near the metro stations in Guangzhou

Subways are by far one of the best modes of public transportation out there. Wanna know the best part? There are hundreds of amazing restaurants around the corner of every station!

Guangzhou article Top 3 cozy places for chitchat over lunch next to South China Normal University West Gate

Are you tired of food in dining hall? Do you have trouble with finding places to make best use of lunch time, talking about clubs, organization, business affairs or gossip?

Top 3 take-out beverage shops with leisure space near South China Normal University West Gate

Enough time for the meeting or class, you may wonder to enjoy a take-out beverage; better yet you can wait for your friends here.


Beijing article Top 3 shops to visit in Wudaoying Hutong, Beijing

Wudaoying Hutong is a street full of artistic roadside shops. If you are looking for interesting stores with traditional decoration and setting, this is the place you want to go!


Top 3 must-try noodle shops in Seoul, Korea

Korea is heaven for noodle lovers! Check out these top 3 must-try noodle shops in Seoul.

Spotlight: Language exchange meetings at Playground

Check out the language exchange meetings at Playground Rooftop Cafe & Bar in Hongdae if you want to improve your language skills or if you simply want a good time!

Top 3 hipster cafes in Mangwon Korea

Mangwon is a comparatively quiet area near Hongdae, as known as the ‘Street of Youth’. The hidden alleys in Mangwon neighborhood will make you feel you are actually away from the bustling streets Seoul!


Top 3 engaging places to discuss ‘Brexit’ in Cambridge, UK

For when you want to learn more about British views on Brexit or contemplate how politics are evolving, check out these three places!


Top 3 parks to visit in London

London is a world cultural capital and the world’s most visited city as measured by international arrivals. There are tons around to enjoy, but read on to find out the top three parks to visit!

Top 3 food stands in Borough Market, London

It wasn’t easy, but it had to be done - picking favorites in Borough Market!


Paris article A Sunday in Paris Skive it Sunday

A lazy day in Paris - well, a lazy day anywhere, really - starts with food.