Spotlight: Make Yourself at Home at The University of Texas at Austin

Today, we visit the forty acres. Boldly settled in the heart of The Lone Star State, The University of Texas at Austin embodies both tradition and innovation. With over 51,000 students enrolled, numerous nationally acclaimed programs, and a pedigree of history, the university draws people from around the globe. This public university is known for its hard-working and diverse student body, and it aims to uphold their trademark, “what starts here changes the world.”

Where: Student Activity Center (SAC)

"The Kitchen Bar"

The newly built Student Activity Center is like the kitchen bar of the home. Here, houses the offices and meetings for several organizations on campus, a highly frequented napping area, a black box theater, and several restaurant options to choose from. On several occasions, this is the place I have asked for people to have a coffee chat with me, to meet me up for a lunch, to formulate ideas for my creative advertising class.

The Student Activity Center is equipped with tools one might need throughout the day. Flash a student ID, and one may have access to phone chargers, headsets, board games, and many more. There is even a pod to purchase school supplies and snacks on the go. The SAC is perfect for students who want everything at their fingertips, to work in lively environment, to be in touch with a little bit of every part on campus in one building. Areas to study include rooms with fireplaces and phone charging stations, art supply rooms, private study rooms, and assembly rooms converted to study rooms during finals season.

The Student Activity Center is the heart for events that are catered to the well-being of students. Many times, I have found myself stopping by this building paying entry to sit in a corral of furry animals with a poorly made poster labelled, “Petting Zoo!” During finals season, organizations will provide free breakfast options for students heading to their testing sites. This building is an essential destination for students who attend the university.

McComb's School of Business (CBS/GSB/MSB)

"Dad's Office"

IThe Red McComb’s School of Business is across Speedway, the main street running through campus, from the Student Activity Center. Personally, I would like to label this building as dad’s office in one’s home. As one of the most distinguished business schools in the world, it makes its home at the southern part of the university. Students here are buzzed in caffeine from O’s Cafe, oftentimes dressed formally, in accordance to the specific guidelines by the business school.

Always scheduled with recruiting events and students in conservative suits with padfolios in-hand, the school of business is a unique area to be. This environment also makes for a great place to study and to be frank, get one’s act together. With so many type-A students stressing out around, one is susceptible and adjusts to the pace of everyone else.

Where: The Architecture and Planning Library (BTL)

"Grandfather's Collection"

This library is arguably one of the most beautiful libraries on campus. This library is tucked away in Battle Hall in the heart of campus. It reminds me of a grandfather-who-loves-woodworking’s favorite room, where he collects his favorite pieces. From 1911 to 1936, Battle Hall served as the university’s first library building. The room itself is displayed like a museum, filled with more than 10,000 volumes, collections of print and digital materials, contents covering the Southwest, Texas, and Latin America.

When studying in this library, one could hear a pin drop. Upon arrival of the library entrance, people are requested to surrender any food or drink items at the front desk (of course, to be given back when any visitor leaves). With high ceilings, open windows, extremely comfortable chairs, this library is one to visit for inspiration and recollection.

UT Tower Library (MAIN)

"The Mantelpiece"

The inside of the tower is often referred to as the “Hogwarts” library. Perhaps it’s the chandeliers and the grand staircases are reminiscent of the current student body’s favorite childhood literature. Perhaps, we are all wishing to escape the realities of attending university to the adventures promised in the wizarding world.

The UT Tower is iconic. With several different lighting configurations, the tower serves as a beacon of communication for news at the university. There’s even a website dedicated to informing people why the tower is lit on any particular day. The tower is the mantelpiece above the fireplace. Holding and having seen so much history, people take their time reviewing this special place above a home’s hearth. At my time at this university, I have seen the tower darken for Haruka Weiser and more recently, Harrison Brown. Still today, I mention these names because with all that this university stands for, the tragedies that this university has seen, this building has stood through it and reminded us of the community in which we stand for. Skive it, Inc. focuses on experiences. These events are part of it.

West Mall

"The Front Door"

My family moved to the home I grew up in on Halloween over 20 years ago. Growing up, I kept hearing stories from my dad about how trick-or-treaters would ring our doorbell despite the darkened lights and his frustration in wanting to sleep. I was a baby at the time, but I think I can imagine his frustration every time I go to West Mall, the front door of the house.

West Mall is the area most organizations set down their table, offer sugary snacks for promotion, and scream at students passing by for attention. It is here, that people often see politically-charged arguments among students. It’s great. Believe me-- I am all for free speech and the expression of-- however, as a student who has things to do and places to be this area is a chore to walk through to get to my next class. On another note, the west mall is a great place to get free things daily.

By Robyn Yeh


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