Top 3 boba shops in Berkeley

Every season is boba season.
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November 21, 2014

Every season is boba season. These succulent little pearls go with just about any beverage out there - iced black tea during the summer heat or hot milk tea in colder days - it’s no wonder boba drinks have become a staple in this Berkeley. Here are 3 boba shops you shouldn’t miss out on!

Asha Tea House (University Avenue and Shattuck Avenue)

Asha Tea House is definitely a favorite in town. With its impossibly high ceilings, arched wooden doorways and luxurious modern decor, it offers a classy, almost high-end cafe experience at affordable prices. Famous for its selection of imported teas, Asha is also the go-to spot for boba creations. Get the classic Matcha Green Tea Latte with Boba to go with your afternoon reading or the Boba Mojito if you’re feeling adventurous - either way, you can’t really go wrong at Asha.

Purple Kow (Oxford Street and Center Street)

Purple Kow is the shiny, relatively-new boba establishment on the ever-popular Center Street in Berkeley. Along with endless sugary Asian drink combinations, it also has a snacks menu including fried chicken, mozzarella sticks, sweet potato fries, etc. to complete your junk food cravings. It’s Asian to the max, with an exhaustive menu of beverages and ‘toppings’ - including boba (of course), aloe vera, grass jelly, mango jelly, tea jelly, the list goes on. It’s got an upstairs and downstairs seating, and is definitely one of the most pristine and spacious boba shops around.

Sharetea (Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue)

Sharetea is the one of the newest shops around campus, and is tucked away in a corner on busy Bancroft Way. It became incredibly popular, incredibly fast, and is loved for its (real) fruit teas and crema milk teas, which distinguish it from the other shops around the area. Their teas are full of flavour and authentic and, a total selling point, you also have the option of substituting the sugar syrup with roasted brown sugar.

By Ann Huang