Top 3 calming study spots at Duke University

Exams coming up? Stressed out? Here are some study spots that will help you de-stress and get that last-minute studying done.
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by Joyce Wen
October 5, 2015

Located in Durham, North Carolina, Duke University is known for its basketball team, Gothic campus, and rigorous academics. Students here live by the “work hard, play hard” motto so while they go all-out for sports events, the libraries are sure to be crowded during midterm season. These three study spots are perfect to help students relax and focus before their exams.

Bostock Library Fourth Floor (Coming out of the Perkins elevator, walk through the bridge to the Bostock Edge, turn left, and walk all the way to the back)

Hidden away in the corner of the Bostock, this spot is a hidden gem. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows reveal breathtaking views of the Chapel and Duke Forest, and during sunset, natural light pours in, a nice break from the usual harsh, LED lighting of libraries. The best part is that it’s usually pretty empty: there are two huge work tables, as well as four couches paired with modern, black desks.

Bella Union (McClendon Fourth Floor)

If I could use one word to describe Bella Union, it would be “hipster.” Located on the fourth floor of McClendon, Bella Union is a cafe and work space area. The cafe sells vegan and gluten-free baked goods, as well as aromatic teas and coffee that fill the room with a relaxing, earthy scent. The workspace is filled with over-sized chairs and low tables, an arrangement that is reminiscent of a living room. While it can get a bit loud at times, I actually find the hustle and bustle therapeutic.

Swinging benches (Located across campus, but this one is located in front of Edens 1A Bel Air on West Campus)

While these benches are spread out across campus, my favorite one for studying is located in front of the Edens 1A Bel Air dorm. The surrounding trees and greenery is a relaxing backdrop, and the awning provides the perfect amount of shade. I also like this spot because it is usually quiet, save for the occasional sound of birds chirping.

By Joyce Wen