Top 3 noodle soup joints in NoVa

Noodle soups are good in any weather. If you're in NoVa, these places are a must-try.
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May 22, 2015

Nothing suits my palate like a good bowl of noodle soup. No matter the weather, time or day, I will always be down for a savory bowl of pho or ramen. As luck would have it, Northern Virginia, affectionately known as NOVA, is teeming with local joints to satisfy my hankering and yours.

Maruramen (Fairfax, Va)

Authentic ramen is more elusive in NOVA, but finally a good ramen place has surfaced! Dining in offers a very pleasurable experience in a modern atmosphere, with its tall dark wooden booths and Mason jar glasses. Guests are given free edamame and small Japanese style salads to start off with. Nitamago, chashu, mung-bean sprouts, egg and minced pork accompany each bowl of ramen, which also comes in ample sizes. Their broth is also what sets it apart from other ramen dishes – it’s delicious, savory, and unique. I would go all the way out there just for the karaage, or chicken thigh appetizer gently drizzled in several sauces, it’s that phenomenal.

Pho Sate (Graham Rd, Falls Church)

If you Google “Best Pho in NOVA,” this is the first place that will pop up and rightfully so. Again, it may not offer the most in terms of ambiance, but the prices are very good and so is the food. This menu has much more variety and offers rice noodle soups and wonton soups as well. But of course, they are known for their pho and sate sauce, a chili oil and crushed red pepper sauce that you can choose to add to your broth, which gives it an extra oomph. They also offer generous portions with fresh and tender meat at less than $8 for a large bowl. Get a boba or ice coffee on the side for even more fun!

Pho 75 (conveniently also on Graham Rd, but also has multiple locations)

This might be one of the least glamorous restaurants you’ll ever step foot in, but they make up for it in quick service and quality food. The menu does not offer variation, their service is not the most accommodating, and the climate of the restaurant provides little visual stimulation, but when I go out to eat, I go for the food. Their soup is just the right level of salty and savory and the meat is flavorful and tender. Portion sizes are very fair and it comes out in a matter of minutes. I assure you, you will not be disappointed...unless you forgot to bring cash – no cards accepted!

By Kathy Shen