Top 3 fun restaurants near the metro stations in Guangzhou

Subways are by far one of the best modes of public transportation out there. Wanna know the best part? There are hundreds of amazing restaurants around the corner of every station!

Guangzhou article Top 3 cozy places for chitchat over lunch next to South China Normal University West Gate

Are you tired of food in dining hall? Do you have trouble with finding places to make best use of lunch time, talking about clubs, organization, business affairs or gossip?

Top 3 take-out beverage shops with leisure space near South China Normal University West Gate

Enough time for the meeting or class, you may wonder to enjoy a take-out beverage; better yet you can wait for your friends here.

Shop and Service

Top 3 bookstores in Tianhe District, Guangzhou

For the hour between appointments or 20 minutes before your date...

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