Top 3 cozy places for chitchat over lunch next to South China Normal University West Gate

For SCNU students or businessman, three places to eat and chat.
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by Monster Fang
November 15, 2015

Are you tired of South China Normal University's (SCNU) or company’s food in dining hall? Do you have trouble with finding places to make best use of lunch time, talking about clubs, organization, business affairs or gossip? We have found the top 3 cozy spots for you next to SCNU West Gate!

Feeling Café International House (Level 2 Shangde Buiding, No.141, Wushan Road)

Advocating multi-cultural lifestyle, I was impressed by the photos and the flags hanging on its colorful wall drawn by visitors, with simple world map. There are activities and wingding at night; however, it is a tranquil and cozy place for chatting at noon with less people. The area is divided into two zones, one is for bright feeling and another one is for obscurftwern, which is also a good place to stay alone.

Bigger Bros Restaurant and Bar (Level 2 Shangde Buiding, No.141, Wushan Road)

Unlike other restaurants here, Bigger Bros sells at a 12% discount to students and faculty of SCNU since the owner has graduated from the same university. With light Hawaii style, fervid music and cute decorations, it effortlessly brightens the feelings of people. People could taste different types of steaks and fresh fruit combo. Delightful conversation will surely happen in such a relaxing place.

Tangency Restaurant (Level 2 Shangde Buiding, No.141, Wushan Road)

Refreshment, a hallmark of Hong Kong-style tea house, is served to provide people the sense of fulfillment on tongue and flavor the chat. Besides, you will be immersed into the fashion city pace surrounded by the modern decorations, exuded jollification and feeling the enthusiasm for living life to the fullest. I assure you that you will not encounter awkward silence here.;)

By Monster Fang