Top 3 take-out beverage shops with leisure space near South China Normal University West Gate

The perfect places to enjoy a take-out beverage between classes or hang out with friends.
by Monster Fang
November 30, 2015

If you’re not in a hurry to class, you might want to grab a drink,to clear your mind and satisfy your stomach first! Espresso could energize you, while milk tea and fresh juice can keep you energetic and rejuvenated in a much healthier way. Besides that, you can even stay here and wait for your friends, where there are fewer people than Starbucks, providing a more peaceful leisure place. Here I recommend top 3 unique shops that you can either buy take-out beverages or take a rest for a moment.

The Forty-five Perfection (Out of exit E of South China Normal University Metro Station)

By virtue of scientific and widespread conception of advertisement, it makes perfection to enjoy the beverage at a tilt of 45 degree! Huge sign of 45° comes to my eye by accident when I walk outside of South China Normal University Metro Station. Apparently it is a good chance that I grab something to drink before some humdrum classes. Taking a look around store, I even find there is a loft on upstairs, consisting of outdoors and indoors. Anyway, I won’t miss the moment enjoy beverage and sitting here next time without class!

Tea Fresh (Level 1 Shangde Buiding, No.141, Wushan Road)

Turning right from exit C of SCNU Metro Station, I naturally find Tea Fresh. It is located at the first floor of South And North Food Court, full-bodied tea aroma flowing in the air wrapping the shop. Sufficient ingredients in the beverage afford me an illusion about health supplement. Plus, a row of bar stools trimly line in front of the counter, serving for a casual pause with some fresh beverage. Due to its open area, I can easily look for my friends if I arrive early.

Juice Color (Level 1 of SCNU West 6 Students Dormitory, close to West Gate, Yulan West Road)

Taking advantage of location inside campus, Juice Color appeals to students and faculty. Why not take some fresh juice substituting for the instant coffee or milk tea as a very much sideshow after you get fast food from Yongyuan Food court, next to Juice Color, and linger for a minute when you are waiting your friends buying foods or waiting colleagues you are going to hand over something. Though space is limited, it is still a good place to take a seat in that open area, without any barrier to breath fresh air in campus.

By Monster Fang