Top 3 food stands in Borough Market, London

It wasn’t easy, but it had to be done - picking favorites in Borough Market!
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March 31, 2015

As a shameless food addict and Instagram-er, Borough Market is obviously the fitting choice for me to kick off our Skive it London series. Yes, you heard it here first - Skive it is now in Europe! To celebrate this occasion, I headed to Borough Market to find the top 3 must eat, must Instagram foods in this London gem.

Furness Fish (Open all days of the week)

Furness Fish is probably the most recognizable and first stall you see as you head into the maze that is Borough Market. And how can you not? The stall displays its array of fresh seafood laid out perfectly on ice, and tasty looking poultry, that even a non-cook like I am tempted to cook. The piece de resistance, however, is the bubbling huge cauldrons of curries and paella that lies at the front and side of the stall. Grab a mulled wine from the stall across the aisle, and pick up a steaming bowl of fresh seafood curry - there is nothing better on a cold London day.

Tartufaia Truffles (Open Wednesday to Saturdays every week)

Tartufaia is an usual choice for me. I am one for instant gratification, drawn to cooked foods I can eat on the spot as opposed to ingredients I probably will not know how to use. On top of that, the Tartufaia stall looks bare compared to the cheese and wine shops it sits among. The stall sells only truffles - small jars of it sitting in olive oil, a decent sized fridge with more truffle products, and bare walls. Ever crowded still, the stall draws attention with its display of bell jars over a single truffle and a sign that sells “smell me!” You must go smell the truffles, it’s heavenly and fun - but don’t leave without their truffle pate. I will forgive you for not smelling the truffles, but leaving without the pate? That is the real crime.

Kappacasein (Open all days of the week)

If you have ever browsed #boroughmarket on Instagram, you surely will recognize the bubbly golden mess that is raclette - and Kappacasein is the magical stand that does it. They only sell two products. The famous cheese toastie is crusty and made on the spot. The raclette is a plate of boiled potatoes and cornichons, topped with a melted pile of rich and salty cheese. The stall doesn’t look like much - in fact, the working area of the stall looks worn in and industrial. But, you know what they say, never judge a book by its cover or miss out on some amazing cheese.

Bonus: Monmouth Coffee (On the corner of Park and Stoney Street)

I know this is a top 3 article, but I like to live life on the edge - so I’m including an option that’s neither within 3, nor a Borough Market stand. Monmouth Coffee’s branch is located across Borough Market, but boasts its own out-the-door lines comparable to those of the Market. The small coffee shop doesn’t look like much, but their all-you-can-eat jam/butter spread on the tables and the to-die-for coffee makes it a spot not to miss.

By Venus Chan