Spotlight: Adventures at Big Bear Lake.

Welcome to a Spotlight article of Skive it Los Angeles. Today we will be featuring Big Bear Lake!

So much to do and so much to see. Every summer, I try to make my way out of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and travel to the great outdoors of Big Bear, which is home to a beautiful lake. The lake area is surrounded by several picnic areas, trails to hike, and tons of wildlife. It is truly a wondeful place to take your family and friends!

The Wildlife

When: just before sunset

According to Big Bear's website, Big Bear Lake and Big Bear were named after the huge Grizzly Bears that roamed the Valley in the 1800’s. The Serrano Indians lived in harmony with the mighty Grizzly and thought of these huge animals as grandfathers. Today, it is rare to see one of these majestic creatures. Around the lake, however, you will find tons of diversity including ducks, squirrels, deer, racoons, and even jumping Bass! (Yes, you will see them jump out of the water like little Great White Sharks)

The sand... and a lake beach?

In the summer, I highly recommend taking a kayak out on the lake ... and maybe accidentally capsizing the boat as you jump off for a dip!


Big Bear Lake is home to several species of fish including Catfish, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Trout, a variety of Panfish, and so much more. If you're really lucky you might catch a glimpse of the mysterious Big Bear Lake Monster, cousin of the Loch Ness Monster! (Just Kidding).

Let's take a walk.

It's always fun to take a stroll along the coast of the lake and enjoy the sunshine!

Tired of land? It's time to boat.

Stop by any of the many boat rental shops scattered throughout town to rent a kayak or a fishing boat. If you crave something more exciting, you could also try wakeboarding or jet skiing!

By Neil Bhatia


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