Spotlight: what goes into a viral YouTube video of K-pop dancers at UCLA

Welcome to our new Spotlight article of Skive it Los Angeles. Today we will be featuring UCLA's K-pop dance team Koreos!

Koreos is a dance team at UCLA that has over 250,000 subscribers and 30 million total views on its YouTube channel ( I founded Koreos three years ago when I was a sophomore at UCLA. We mainly create dance covers of Korean pop music videos, special stage dance performances, concept trailers and more. This past weekend we also got the chance to dance for and open her concert for Kim HyunA, a famous Korean female singer. Let's take a look at what it is like to be on Koreos and be a YouTube star!

Team Practices

When: 7PM on Sundays

Koreos is a dance team consisted of 30 members, most of which are UCLA undergraduate students. Every sunday we come together to practice for various dances and performances including dance covers, dance auditions, dance contests, or even our own original choreogrpahy to K-pop songs. At the end of each practice, we all showcase what each subunit group has been working on to keep track of our progress and support each other! We also film a lot of variety show content such as K-pop games, dance challenges, and reaction videos to post on our YouTube channel!

Filming Day

We practice for around eight hours for each dance cover that we're about to film, and we usually film one to two covers per week. Filming takes a lot longer than you think, ranging from three to eight hours on average. Each dance cover video is filmed in various cuts so we don't get too exhausted during each section. Our cinematographer and video editor are also dancers on the team. As for our costume, we try our best to buy or borrow clothing that looks the most similar to what the K-pop idols are wearing in their music video. Although 90% of the team aren't Korean, we still have to lipsync all the Korean lyrics in order to fully imitate the Korean idols in our covers.

Viral Dance Cover Video

The Final Product

This is what the final product of our dance videos look like. We currently have six videos that each reached over 1 million views. On average, each dance cover video has around 100k - 200k views. The key to getting more views and producing a good dance video is the timing of the release as well as the quality of the cover including the dance, costume, facials, lipsyncing and more. The reason why we spend around 5-6 hours to film a 3-minute video is because we strive for perfection for every cut that we use in the video.


Backstage at Kim HyunA's Concert

As Koreos won an online dance contest and got the chance to perform at Kim HyunA's concert in LA, we were more than excited to wait at backstage and see the dance queen herself in person. While we were waiting to go on stage, we were all very nervous and couldn't contain our excitement. Everyone was taking photos and posting on social media because it was definitely a special day to remember.

Opening Kim HyunA's Concert in LA

During the performance

We performed HyunA's "How's This" as the opening act for her concert. The crowd, the lighting, and the atmosphere were absolutely amazing. Some people in the audience even knew our names and cheered for us. It was such an honor to perform at this venue and occasion, definitely one of the best experiences that we have had as performers! We look forward to more opportunities like this in the future! Don't forget to follow Koreos on Instagram @koreosucla and subscribe to our YouTube channel (!

By Ellen Min


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