Top 3 underrated trails in Mill Valley

You’re either a NorCal native or visiting! Here are three of my top favorite trails that I feel are super underrated.
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by Clare Toy
June 11, 2017

Mill Valley, CA is a wonderful little city nestled within Marin County. Located only 15 minutes away from the Golden Gate Bridge, this city is rich in nature. Read on to learn about some amazing hiking trails!

Tennessee Valley Trail (701 Tennessee Valley Rd, Mill Valley, CA)

Tennessee Valley Trail! So many people forget this great spot and opt for big trails like Muir Woods-but if you want to have an easy 30 minute round trip hike, this is a great trail. If you have a car don’t worry because there is parking at the entrance! As you can see there are several trails you can take, I personally love taking the trail that ultimately leads to Tennessee Beach. Once you get to the beach there’s a staircase embedded within the side mountain that’ll lead you to an amazing birds eye view of the beach-it’s breathtaking! Many high schoolers also like using this place to “prom-pose,” so sweet!

Coastal Trail, Marin Headlands (Conzelman Rd, Marin Headlands, CA)

The Coastal Trail near the Marin Headlands! This is a great trail for those who are visiting from the city since it’s located right off the bridge once you’ve entered into Marin. While this isn’t smack dab inside Mill Valley, this location is only mere minutes away! This is a longer hike and many people love to bike through it. There is a small parking lot located at the beginning of this trail, and I find this to be a hike that’s filled with crazy biodiversity. The flowers are beautiful to look at and the overall view is so peaceful. The trail is mostly downhill, so coming back up can be a journey to those who (like me) aren’t the fittest people in the world.

Mt Tamaplais State Park (Alice Eastwood Rd, Mill Valley, CA)

Lastly: The Mt. Tamalpais State Park! This is definitely still close enough for those who live or are posted in San Francisco for vacation, and there are both designated as well as small pockets of parking around this State Park! The views are so scenic and green, it takes never fails to take my breath away. I have so many favorite trails within this park I can’t visit them all but if you have the time I’d highly recommend hiking the Dipsea Trail or Cataract Falls (I know, I’m totally cheating by recommending two places to hike within this massive State Park, but lets call it a gift from me to you)! The Dipsea Trail for more fair weathered hikers, while Cataract Falls are for more intermediate type hikers-but both have equally amazing views!

By Clare Toy