Sunday in the Twin Cities

Welcome to The Twin Cities! Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” Funnily, I think Minnesota actually has more. Nevertheless, Minnesota is beautiful. As a native Texan, I am still marveling at the way Minnesotans say, “bag.” I am pretty much as new to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area as you might be. Let me take this introduction to apologize to those who know Minneapolis and Saint Paul better than I, who has only known this place these past few weeks. I cannot capture Minneapolis and Saint Paul in this article the way they deserve, but here is my attempt.

Where: Eggy's Diner

120 W 14th St, Minneapolis, MN


You wake up on a Sunday morning-- you might be well rested as you pampered yourself to sleeping in, you might be hungover from a wild Saturday night, you just might just want to indulge. Today is Sunday, and you deserve this break before you enter the incoming week. As long as you wake up before 3:00PM, drop into Eggy’s for a great experience.

Walking in, it’s hard not to be enticed by the interior decoration designed by Karen Herold of the award-winning global design firm, 555 International. The place is lively as portrayed by the ambience but by the servers, by those dining in, and by the orange juicing exhibition displayed at the bar greeting you when you walk in. A pro tip includes ordering the orange juice. It really is so good.

Where: Pristine Detail

743 Snelling Ave N, St. Paul, MN 55104


Today, our errands involved getting the car washed after a cross-country road trip. If you don’t want bug guts making an imprint on your car paint, I’ll suggest to get your car washed immediately after any such endeavor where you plan on collecting a bug massacre on your front bumper.

No matter your car, you also deserve to get your baby treated. After all, it’s your means of getting to wherever you need to go. It wasn’t even my car being washed on this particular day, but I enjoyed visiting the guys at Pristine Detail all the same. The people there are always fun to talk to, get expert restaurant recommendations from, and hear great stories as it is the place to get a car detail in the Twin Cities.

Although Pristine Detail has a reputation of servicing some insane cars, the experience was extremely humbling. Standing in the garage and interacting with a person as he details your car invites you to acknowledge the efforts and the expertise being put into detail.

Where: Shuang Cheng Restaurant

1320 SE 4th St, Minneapolis, MN 55414


Immediately after Pristine Detail and the owner talking up his favorite Chinese food, we went for lunch. Right by The University of Minnesota, the streets as we pulled up in the shiny, clean whip were bustling and lively. Reminiscent of the industrial era in this Midwestern state, several buildings have those iconic red brick walls evoking the history of what once was.

Where: Lake of the Isles by Uptown


Ranked Number 1 for its urban park system, Minneapolis has several locations worth visiting. Probably one of the most popular of these parks includes Lake of the Isles. You’ll find several people enjoying outdoor activities-- walking, running, skateboarding, longboarding, penny boarding, roller blading, roller skating, cross blading, bicycling, fishing, flying kites.

Where: Zen Box Izakaya

602 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415


I hope you, reader, enjoy Asian food as I am giving you two recommendations today. This place has arguably the best ramen at convenient late night munchies time. With several people flocking to Zen Box for the exact same reason, you’re comfortable ducking into this restaurant that takes you right into Japan.

By Robyn Yeh


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