Staff Spotlight: Clare Toy

A member of our marketing team, Clare, discusses how she rediscovered her home after attending college in the Midwest.

Staff Spotlight: Robyn Yeh

A member of our marketing team, Robyn, discusses her summer in Minneapolis, Minnesota as a native Texan.

Staff Spotlight: Jessica Lee

Spotlight on one of our Marketing interns, Jessica! If you want to get to know her better, click away

Staff Spotlight: Vivian Chung

A member of our marketing and business development team, Vivian shares with us some of her travel adventures from the summer. First stop: Montreal!

Staff Spotlight: Julie Ni

A member of our engineering development team, Julie went to the Dominican Republic for a summer vacation. Here are some highlights!

Staff Spotlight: Katherine Huang

A member of our marketing staff, Katherine Huang, is traveling along the east coast during the summer. With plans to travel to New York, Washington D.C., and Boston, she shares her personal experiences with us: beginning with New York City.