Sunday as a Stanford student

Being a Stanford student is somewhat like having a full-time job.  You’re constantly engaging with others, managing your packed schedule, and applying your brainpower to essays, projects, and problem sets (p-sets, as they’re not-so-fondly referred to). But when you wake up on a Sunday morning and see the sun shining brightly over the palm trees and sandstone mission-style buildings, you think there’s no place you would rather be.

Where: Lake Lagunita


Your morning starts with a light jog around Lake Lagunita, which, while drained of its water to protect endangered salamanders, is still a beautiful, natural spot on campus. Running along the relatively flat path around the lake allows you to gaze at the foothills surrounding Stanford, with alternating hues of green, yellow, blue, and purple. 

Is running not your thing? Recent rainfall has created a water reservoir in the lake basin.  Stanford students love to rent a paddle board from the Stanford Outdoor Center and get out on the water!

Where: CoHo

459 Lagunita Dr., Stanford, CA 94305

When: Opens at 9:00am on Sunday


After working up a sweat out by the lake, a great place on campus to refuel is CoHo, short for coffee house, which is open all day on Sunday, from 9 am for the early birds to midnight for the night owls.

Stanford students and faculty love to discuss everything from start-up ideas to current events in this cozy cafe, while caricatures of famous Stanford alumni look on from the walls. I usually go for an iced Viennese coffee and a caprese panini—a student favorite—and absorb the atmosphere of the cafe, which is at once intellectual and relaxed. The mood of this cafe is Stanford in a nutshell—there is hard work going on, but people still place emphasis on quality of life and bask in the Californian lifestyle.

Where: Green Library

557 Escondido Mall


You have to face it sometime—there is work to be done before classes resume on Monday. You head to Green Library, the mammoth collection of resources for Stanford scholars. No matter which entrance you go to, there is a fountain outside, a Stanford icon that is both soothing and visually striking. Doing homework here isn’t so bad, and since the library doesn’t close its doors until 1 A.M., you can get all your work done.

Stanford has one of the largest campuses of any college in the country. There are tons of places to run, eat, and study, an opportunity for endless exploration. Every Sunday at Stanford will be different; your world is constantly shifting and evolving. And that’s the beauty and joy of it.

By Maddy MacLeod


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