Top 3 entertaining places to eat in Portland, Oregon

These Portland eateries aren’t just about what you’re eating, but where you’re eating.
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by Jessica Lee
May 20, 2016

Portland, Oregon has always been known for its quirky people, but not everyone knows about its quirky eateries. From swinging seats to hole-in-the-wall restaurants (literally), Portland has just about every eccentric venue imaginable. These three places to eat are a perfect taste of the unique venues that Portland has to offer.

The Waffle Window (On the corner of Hawthorne and SE 36th)

A literal hole-in-the-wall, or rather a window-in-the-wall, this spot is a Portland classic. Ordering through the bright blue window nestled in a red brick wall gives customers an experience like no other. There’s a good amount of seating, both indoor (shared space with Bread and Ink Café) and outdoor (in their outdoor patio), but it is a Portland favorite, so you can expect seats to fill up pretty quickly, especially on a sunny weekend around lunch time. The food is always tasty, the servers are always friendly, and the atmosphere is always exciting, so it’s no wonder why people have grown to love this place!

EastBurn (On the corner of E Burnside and SE 18th)

EastBurn comprises of two levels: the restaurant upstairs and the bar downstairs. Although I’ve only been to the restaurant portion, I can still say that it is a fun place to go for anywhere from a night out with friends to a romantic date night. The swinging chairs are what really set EastBurn apart from other restaurants as a trendy place that I enjoy going to when I want to have some fun with my food.

Food Carts (Along Alder, SW 10th, Washington, and SW 9th)

Portland has always been famous for its food carts, which is why you can find some on practically every street corner, but my personal favorite is the hub located right in the center of downtown. The food carts are lined up side-by-side to form a huge square, and you can always find lots of people walking around, browsing all of the different foods, and having a good time, whether they’re coming from work on their lunch breaks or just spending time with their friends. I like it because even just walking around and smelling all of the options makes my stomach growl, it’s always bustling with people, and they have food options for everyone. Whether you want Mexican food, Ethiopian food—heck, they even have a place that specializes in Grilled Cheeses—the food carts have got it all.

By Jessica Lee