Top 3 relaxing coffee shops in Portland, Oregon

Portland may be famous for being weird and quirky, but these coffee shops show that this city has a quiet and cozy side as well
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by Jessica Lee
June 5, 2016

Portland may be surrounded by other major coffee cities, such as Seattle and San Francisco, but it is not one to be underestimated. The ever-growing coffee culture in Portland can be attributed to the amazing coffee shops that have popped up in recent years, just like these three that locals have grown to know and love.

Urban Grind Coffeehouse and Roasters (In the Pearl District on the corner of NW 14th Ave and Kearney St.)

This coffee house is the perfect place for when you have a lot of work to do and need a place to stay for awhile. It's roomy, so there's a lot of seating and large tables, but the comfy couches help it retain a cozy feel. And, the quiet and calm atmosphree makes it ideal for getting work done or just relaxing.

Black Rock Coffee Bar (In the Pearl District near the corner of NW 13th and Hoyt)

This place is hands down one of my favorite coffee shops in Portland. As soon as you step in, you can see a little library and comfy couches that are perfect for curling up with a good book. The interior is absolutely beautiful, and the workers are friendly and warm. The large glass windows are perfect for people who enjoy looking at the world outside, while remaining in the comfort of the indoors. Whether it's because of the scorching heat outside (it was 103 degrees today, folks) or the pouring rain (you never really know with Oregon), this place can be a haven for anyone.

Barista (Sits opposite to Black Rock Coffee Bar)

This coffee shop is quaint and cozy on the inside, making it a great place to wind down. It's very small with only a few tables inside, but on a sunny day, the real treat is sitting outside. Although the outdoor seating is on a patio that overlooks the road, I have found it to be extremely relaxing and calming. The rustic brick mixed with the green plants surprisingly gives it a mellow vibe that is unbeatable on a sunny afternoon.

By Jessica Lee