A Sunday near the Banpo Bridge, Seoul: Eat, play, and love

In Seoul, you’d be amazed by the variety of places you can go to eat, play, and love. Today you’ll be led to a pleasant journey near the Banpo Bridge, where they offer different events and attractions. During regular summer time, excluding monsoon seasons, they also offer water fountain shows that shoot water off the bridge. The rainbow colors and the background music add a romantic vibe to a relaxing evening at the Banpo Hangang Park.

Where: Shinsegae Department Store


A massive department store called “Shinsegae” offers a variety of shopping experiences near the Express Bus Terminal subway station closest to Banpo Bridge. The store was a nice getaway from the raging humidity of a typical afternoon in Korea. I love eye-shopping with my friends and this was the perfect place to explore. There are more shops offered downstairs as well!

Where: Johnny Rocket


This nice place resonates close to those from the States – Johnny Rocket! As a kid, I’ve always enjoyed the fries and shakes here more than anything. My friend and I ordered chili cheese fries and shared it with a cold strawberry shake.

Where: Alaska Lab


Nitrogen ice cream is a popular snack in Korea. After walking around the underground shopping center, we came back to the “Famille Station”, where there are a variety of restaurants and cafes. We ordered a large cup of vanilla milk and chocolate mellow flavored ice cream, topped with Oreos. Not only is this shop a great desert place, but it’s also a cool attraction to see the liquid nitrogen come out of the machine.

Where: Banpo Hangang Park


We started walking towards Banpo Bridge as the sun was beginning to set. The walk to the bridge from the department store takes around 10-15 minutes. When we arrived, we could feel the cool wind blowing near the river. We sat down towards the hangang river, admiring the sky and the lights on the other side. There were people who came with friends, families, and partners. The relaxing atmosphere at the park was perfect for anyone trying to escape the hot summer.

Where: Hoegaarden Event


Normally, the main attractions in Banpo Hangang Park include the river boat and the bridge fountain. But because of the monsoon season, there were other attractions offered such as the Hoegaarden event, which let us rent a bike for an hour if we bought beer. My friend and I biked along Hangang river watching the city lights. When we got back, we got our drinks, and sat down at a designated park for the event participants.

By Bohye Kim


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