Spotlight: Skiving it Louis Vuitton style

Welcome to a new edition of our spotlight article! Today I will skive you on an interactive journey Louis Vuitton style. Inside the many layers of this luxurious brand, continuous effort and research focusing on customers’ needs highlight its long-standing reputation. However, how did this work? Let’s date back to the 19th century and explore Louis Vuitton then.

Where: Volez, Voguez, Voyagez - Louis Vuitton

DDP Art Hall1, Euljiro 281, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

When: 8 June - 27 August 2017


19th Century

Imagine you’re travelling across land riding a train in the late 19th century. It is with no doubt that you will need something as simple and crucial to your trip – a luggage. However, you have a lot of books to carry for you are a huge book worm. How could a luggage possibly be customized for individual needs such as book space?


Land Travel

Louis Vuitton presents you with a book luggage with shelves for storage and a reading desk. This is not it. Customized bags for tees and washing tools made for explorers in 1931 and even a separate luggage for shoes, Louis Vuitton was and is widely known for its customer-geared product with their emblematic motif.


20th Century

Louis Vuitton’s designs did not only focus on mobility and function but was able to foresee a rising trend. Now welcome to the early twentieth century, the advent of a yachting culture. On a sunny afternoon in 1910, you decide to go on a sea travelling trip with your friends. For this pleasant journey, you bring folds and folds of clothes from beautiful summer dresses to your daily clothes. In order to store your clothes in the existing trunks, you maneuver the folded clothes in different directions fitting them in like a puzzle.


Sea Travel

To Louis Vuitton, it was obvious that this way of travelling was a hassle for anyone and everyone, thus, introducing the Steamer Bag. This light and modern hand luggage captured the minds and eyes of many, making it the original prototype of adapted versions that still exists today.

On this brief journey, Louis Vuitton had a solution to a problem unrecognized or unacknowledged to the public. In each case, the brand used its modern design and applied it to their customers’ needs. Now we are in the present where Louis Vuitton is one of the most widely known, reputable brands in the fashion industry, leaving one simple question behind. What other innovative future does the brand hold? It’s this drive that keeps its history going.

By Bohye Kim


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