A Sunday in Central Hong Kong


Central is now the central business district in Hong Kong but you can find many old buildings because it was one of the first urban areas developed in Hong Kong. The area was chosen to house major military facilities and an administrative centre during the colonial period. If you walk away from the main streets, you will see many old buildings and many cafes and bars. Lan Kwai Fong and Soho (I guess the name was copied from Soho in London) are the most popular places for expats and tourists to meet up on the island.

OK. The business area on Des Voeux Road Central is not fun. All skyscrapers. However, it is not the same story at mid-levels. Mid levels is one of the most expensive residential area in Hong Kong but you can also find Soho and many other stylish boutiques, galleries and shops. It’s May but it’s getting super hot in Hong Kong (27/28C during the day). It would be difficult if we WALK up to the mid-levels so....Here is the longest outdoor escalator in the world. It is over 800 metres long. It links Queen's Road Central in Central with Conduit Road at Mid-Levels, passing through narrow streets operating from early morning until midnight every day. Be aware of the direction. The escalators run downhill from 6 am to 10 am and run uphill from 10 am to midnight daily. It is also very nice to take photos of the city on the escalators.

Where: Central - Mid levels escalator

When: 6:00 am - 12:00 am daily

1:00 pm

We left the escalators on Hollywood Road. We walked along Hollywood Road. Some antique stores and galleries are closed on Sunday but still many are open. As it is very close to Soho, you can see some bars and pubs there. It’s too early to get a drink to me. Let’s walk a little bit. Buildings on Hollywood Road are usually less-than-ten-storey buildings. It’s quite different from the business area down the hill. It’s nice. Keep walking and soon you will get to Man Mo Temple.

Man Mo Temple has more or less 150 year history. Man refers to Man Cheong (God of Literature) and Mo refers to Mo Tai (God of Martial Arts). Right next to it, you can also find Lit Shing Kung and Kung Sor. You can see how people worship the Gods and if you are interested, you can try fortune telling. The fortune tellers can speak different languages!

Where: Man Mo Temple

When: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm on Sunday

1:40 pm

Walk up the steps on Ladder Street and you will be on Bridges Street. The Chinese YMCA building is beautiful but let’s go on the other direction. 3 to 5 minute walk and we were at PMQ. It was Police Married Quarters in the past but was revitalised to be a creative hub for local designers and artists. Here you can find their studios and shops. PMQ also hosts mini-concerts and exhibitions. There was an exhibition about the French artist Invader when I did the visit. Yet, sorry to tell that some tourist groups come to PMQ and it can become quite noisy.

Where: PMQ

When: 7:00 am - 11:00 pm on Sunday

2:15 pm

If I’m not hungry, I will walk all the way down to Valencia and 19th before making a turn to visit Radish on the corner of Lexington Street. Radish is loud and always has a hour long line, but the $15 bottomless mimosas are so worth it. The food is also always out-of-this-world good, albeit slow due to their small kitchen. Sunday brunch easily turns in a 2-hour affair here, but when with friends, the hours go by in minutes.

Where: Radish

3465 19th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

When: Opens at 9:00am on Sunday

Late afternoon with books.

After walking for two-three hours, I was very tired and needed a place to rest a little bit. It was raining so places in and near PMQ were all full. We walked up to Caine Road and soon we found a very nice coffee shop - Filters Lane. My friend ordered iced Mocha and I had a glass of herbal tea and a piece of chiffon cake. The members of staff were very friendly and one of them recommended me a white tea Garden Blend. (They mainly sell nice coffee but just I didn’t want coffee after 4 pm.) They brought me a very nice cute glass. It was raining outside and I stayed indoors. It was warm and the tea and the cake were good and yummy. It was beautiful.

Where: Filters Lane

111 Caine road, Central

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/filterslane

When: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm on Sunday

4:15 pm

It was raining so we decided to go home after the coffee. There are actually many places to explore in the areas. I will show you more in the future! Ciao!

By Celestina Pang


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