A Sunday in Yosemite National Park

Welcome to Skive it Sundays, our new series of curated itineraries inspired by everyone’s favorite day of the week. We have taken you to the Mission and Paris - this week, we're going to Yosemite! We all need a break from San Francisco's hustle and bustle sometimes, and what better place to do it than one of the most beautiful national parks in the world?

A Sunday at Yosemite usually begins at your choice of lodging. For my fresh college grad (a.k.a. tight) budget, I chose to stay at Curry Village. It wasn't a five star hotel and the canvas cabins could've done with better heating, but it was clean and comfortable. Waking up to the granite mountains and warmth of the sun (much needed) was a relaxing experience in itself. Not a bad start to a Sunday, at all!

Where: Curry Village

9010 Curry Village Dr, Yosemite National Park, CA 95389


Curry Village is quiet by mid-morning. The morning bathroom rush for early hikers is over - and the sun is out! In true camping style, we dig out all our food supplies from the bear-proof lockers and make a DIY breakfast to start the day. Don't forget to stop by the Coffee Corner for a hot cup of Peet's (free refills)!

Where: Glacier Point


Yosemite is a beauty in itself, but one view definitely not to miss is at Glacier Point. While Glacier Point is accessible by car, I always opt for the NPS Glacier Point Tour. The bus drivers are always friendly and are such a wealth of information about the park! The bus ride is long and the roads are windy, but the one hour ride passes quickly when you are learning so much about the park. Did you know that Roosevelt once camped with John Muir in Yosemite National Park? Don't worry, I didn't know before the tour either - see what I mean?

Late afternoon at Mirror Lake

One of the most iconic images of Yosemite is Mirror Lake. Did you know that Mirror Lake is not actually a lake? Yup, it's actually just a big pool of water in Tenaya Creek. Even sadder to learn, Mirror Lake dries up in the summer to Mirror Meadow! In my April Visit, the lake had dried up significantly, but there was still enough water for the much coveted Mirror Lake picture. Though it wasn't the breathtaking view we were expecting, the lake was still a fun place to visit. It was relaxing enough for a Sunday, and playful enough to not be boring. Plus, it's only a one mile flat loop - compared to some of the other trails at Yosemite (ahem, 8 mile Panorama Trail), this trail is a cake walk!

Mirror Lake

Trailhead at Shuttle Stop #17


Back home at Curry Village

Night time at Curry Village is quiet. We head to the Pizza Deck to grab a freshly baked pizza (best post-hike food!) and a few beers from the bar. To avoid the cafeteria crowd and the pizza-loving squirrels, the Guest Lounge is the best place to eat and relax. It's loud and crowded, but at least the atmosphere is cozy and the heater is warm! For those who just won't disconnect, there is complimentary (but not great) wi-fi in the Lounge. Oh well, who needs the internet when you are surrounded by mountains and good friends on a cozy Sunday?

Where: Curry Village Guest Lounge


By Venus Chan


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