Top 3 engaging places to discuss ‘Brexit’ in Cambridge, UK

For when you want to learn more about British views on Brexit or contemplate how politics are evolving, check out these three places!
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June 29, 2016

Cambridge, UK is a city of knowledge and innovation where it is home to a world-class university surrounded by picturesque landscapes. Many students and professionals can indulge in the beauty of the city while debating recent events and developing novel ideas. In light of Britain’s recent decision to leave the European Union (EU), Cambridge is one of few cities that overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU, making it an interesting place to engage discussions on Brexit and learn more about the different views on the European Union. If you are in the UK and want to find places to indulge in deep conversations about Brexit and UK politics, read on!

University of Cambridge (The Old Schools, Trinity Ln, Cambridge)

The first place to check out is University of Cambridge, a world renowned university where there are currently many debates about the implications of Brexit on academic research and education. Specifically, you can check out the Department of Politics and International Studies where they regularly have discussions about political issues through workshops and forums.

Church of St. Mary the Great (The University Church, Senate House Hill, Cambridge)

Great St. Mary’s is a historical landmark in England with charming architecture and amazing views from the top of the church. It is a place for those in a pensive mood who are looking for a peaceful location in the centre of the city.

The Eagle (8 Benet Street, Cambridge)

This is a historic pub in the city centre famous for being Watson and Crick’s go-to pub during the time they discovered the structure of DNA. Many scholarly discussion occur over drinks so this is the perfect place to enjoy an ale and start a casual and intellectual conversation with both students and tourists of Cambridge. This pub serves a commemorative drink called “Eagle’s DNA” so go try it!

By Justina Cho